Q: What is OpenCrypto?
A: OpenCrypto is a marketplace of cryptocurrency-related domains, websites and social profile. Anybody can submit an item for free and it will appear here on the website. However, we accept only quality items.

Q: Why should I buy something from this marketplace?
A: Crypto grows very quickly. A domain, website or a Telegram channel is a super great long-term investment for the future.

Q: How do I sell an item?
A: OpenCrypto allows everybody to list an item. You can sell a domain, sell a website or sell a social profile (such as Telegram or Twitter).

Q: I do not want to miss fresh items.
A: Join our OpenCrypto Public Telegram channel and get all the new items before they go live on this website.

Q: Do you own the listed domains, websites and the communities?
A: No, OpenCrypto does not own the new items, it's a marketplace where anybody can sell. However, owners of OpenCrypto have listed a few items on the marketplace too.

When purchasing the listed items please be careful and always use an escrow.

Q: What payment methods and cryptocurrencies are accepted?
A: It's up to sellers which currency to accept.

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